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DynaClean foood conveyor with apples.

Options & Accessories

DynaClean Food Handling Conveyor Systems Options & Accessories

The following options and accessories give DynaClean conveyor systems flexibility and efficiency. The accessories are specifically designed for use with DynaClean food handling conveyor applications. Design assistance and detailed drawings are always provided for your washdown conveyor request. Please contact us for additional information.

Belt Scraper BladeScraper Blade

  • Easy to install, easy to maintain and disassembles in a snap for regular cleaning and sanitization
  • Simple to adjust spring tensioning unit ensures optimal blade-to-belt contact for maximum cleaning benefits
  • Easily tensioned to minimize blade wear, eliminate belt damage and maximize cleanability
  • Minimal hardware so installation, tensioning and blade replacement are easy
  • Simple design with stainless steel components and food grade materials limit crevices and opportunities for bacteria growth

Clear Covers

  • Use for safety and/or protection of product being conveyed
  • Tool-less covers are quick and easy to remove and replace
  • Covers are available for the top (on horizontal conveyors), front and back (on Z and Vertical Z conveyors)

AllerDynaClean Conveyor with Allergen Kitgen Kit

  • Prevents cross-contamination when making product changeovers
  • Allows usage of one conveyor for multiple products by easily swapping out conveyor components that are in the food stream
  • Removable Retaining Walls branded with allergen identifier
  • White Belt (instead of standard blue) for easy identification
  • Optional Clear Covers branded with allergen identifier

Clean in placeClean-in-Place

  • Allows for cleaning the inside of the conveyor without removing the belt
  • Introduces high-pressure water to the internal components of the conveyor and the underside of the belt
  • Ideal for easier cleaning of elevated and overhead conveyors
  • Stainless-steel manifold and nozzles
  • Clean-in-place video

Vibratory FeedersFood Handling Conveyor Vibratory Feeding

  • Effectively and efficiently feed food product to flat, incline or bucket conveyors
  • Feed quantities ranging from a few spoonfuls to tons per hour
  • Feed to the front or the side of the conveyor
  • Feed any bulk foods — from micron size to bulk chunks
  • Feed to the front or the side of the conveyor
  • Solid state controls, which operate the feeders with “watch like” precision
  • Can be used with Vertical Z incline bucket conveyors, which can be seen in the video below
  • Vibratory Feeder Video

Conveyor HoppersConveyor Hopper

  • Stand alone or attached
  • Option for adjustable opening for product introduction onto conveyor
  • Built with FDA, USDA, NSF approved materials
  • Available for all food handling conveyor widths

Conveyor Exit ChutesConveyor Exit chute

  • Use to funnel product from motor drive end of conveyor
  • Mount to drive end for horizontal discharge
  • Standard and custom designs
  • Available for all conveyor widths and types, including flat, incline and bucket conveyors

Conveyor Drip PansDrip Pan for Food Handling Conveyors

  • Mounts under the conveyor
  • Used to contain by-product
  • Optional drainage pans
  • Adjustable

Metal Detection ConveyorMetal Detection Conveyor

  • High-pressure wash down ready metal detector
  • Multi-frequency metal detector unit
  • Detects small ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants
  • Eliminates false signals
  • 7-inch easy-to-use touch screen interface
  • Multiple programmed languages
  • Easy set-up & reporting
  • Multiple USB & interface ports
  • Remote access

Internal Drum Motor for Washdown Conveyor SystemsWashdown Conveyor DynaClean Internal Drum Motor

  • Hermetically sealed and totally enclosed design is corrosion resistant
  • Motor can be removed from the sanitary conveyor within seconds without the use of tools
  • Easy to clean without the need to remove sprockets which reduces the risk of contamination
  • Stainless steel construction with lagged roller is safe and easy to clean
  • No externally mounted bearings to clean, sanitize or maintain
  • IP 67 rated for high pressure wash down and protection against occasional submersion
  • Uses up to 32% less energy than standard food conveyor motors


External Food Handling Conveyor MotorExternal DynaClean Food Handling Conveyor Motor

  • Motor is externally bolted to the food handling conveyor and can be removed within minutes
  • Antimicrobial powder coating protects against the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus
  • Requires the use of sprockets, shaft and external bearings
  • Belting style can be changed by simply changing the style of sprockets
  • Corrosion resistant
  • IP 65 rating is wash down ready